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About About Us page, Welcome to this page from it is a good online platform for online t-shirt shopping, t-shirt printing, custom design, and a tie-dye t-shirt online shopping website. Based in Odisha, India, Flyydok Fashion is an e-commerce website dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized t-shirts that reflect your unique style and personality. About … Read more

Know All About Print On Demand T-Shirt.

Introduction to Print on Demand T-shirt. Print on Demand  T-shirt or printing t-shirt represent a revolutionary approach to the retail landscape, transforming the way apparel is produced and consumed. In this innovative business model, T-shirts are created on an individual basis, triggered by customer orders rather than mass production. This approach eliminates the need for … Read more

What Is An Oversized T-Shirt? How It Is Famous?

What is an oversized t-shirt? An oversized T-shirt is a garment intentionally designed and manufactured to have dimensions that exceed the typical or standard size for a given body type. These shirts are intentionally larger and looser in fit than the regular sizing to create a relaxed, casual, and often fashion-forward look. Oversized T-shirts can … Read more

Know All About Custom Print T-Shirt.

What is custom print t-shirt? Custom print t-shirt is a process of creating personalized and unique t-shirts by applying custom designs, images, text, or artwork onto a blank t-shirt. This is a very popular method of garment customization. This method is used in business and other fields for t-shirt customization. There are various techniques used … Read more

What Is Fabric? Know All About Flyydok Cloths Fabric Quality.

What is Fabric? The fabric is made from different materials through the process of knitting. In the clothing industry area cloth is created from good fabrics. Use raw fiber and create a thread. Use these threads and create very useful material. What is fabric? Fibers can be synthetic or natural, with the most common natural … Read more